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Derek Jarman’s The Garden at the Barbican

The Garden.

Derek Jarman’s landmark film The Garden is playing at the Barbican, Sunday April 21, 2013.

“I Could Be a Lesbian and I Don’t Know It”

Unexpected and Supportive Words.

In this tender, autobiographical piece, writer Jonathan Kemp recalls what it was like growing up gay, and the words said when he came out to his mother.

“The very next day she rang Gay Switchboard who put her in touch with a support group for parents with gay children and she went along. It touched me that she did that, eager to understand and learn rather than, as many parents do, judge.”

Personal Accounts of Gay & Lesbian Journals • Part 3

Reaching for the Top Shelf: Remembering a first time

A look back at this history of gay magazines, and recollections of their importance of the coming out process, by Bryon Fear.

I wasn’t able to return to the newsagent until the following weekend. Going to ‘town’ on a school night was not only unthinkable, but would have been highly suspicious. The next seven days were spent debating and berating my cowardice.