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Age of Consent: An Interview with Charles Lum

Queer Words.

Age of Consent tells the story of London sex club The Hoist. Director Charles Lum talks about how the it grew into a wide-ranging piece of queer social history.

“I have to say that if you’re gonna talk on and on about history it gets a little dry, so you have to add a little spice to that to grease the hard facts with a little liquid enjoyment!”

LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 28

Jimmy Sommerville, by Andi Fraggs.

To end LGBT History Month, 2013, singer-songwriter Andi Fraggs rounds out the LGBT Heroes series.

“I was frantically searching for something I could relate to. There was nothing until one day I ventured into a second hand shop and there was a big pink triangle on the front of the Bronski Beat album.”

Timeline of 2009 LGBT Anniversaries 4

Timeline of 2009 LGBT Anniversaries, Part 4 of 4

From 1989 – 2004.

In the forty years since the Stonewall riots, and the emergence of the gay liberation movement, a process of historical archaeology has been underway. Its aim has been to make the hidden past visible. This timeline of anniversaries is a look into what we now know of this hidden past, and also the revealed present.

1994, Age of consent for gay men reduced in the UK from 21 to 18.