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A Shy Happening: An interview with Alexandre Sequeira Lima.

Polari’s August Bona-nza: It’s a sexy world!

The work of Portuguese artist Alexandre Sequeira Lima is interested in queering the political and politicising the queer.

“I could call myself a ‘shy happening’. Shy because I must contain myself sometimes, because you can’t always play yourself twenty-four hours a day.”

Joey Arias & Kristian Hoffman: Lightning Strikes

Greased Lightning.

Colin Ginks talks to Joey Arias and Kristian Hoffman about bringing the legend of Klaus Nomi to life once more. Polari Magazine celebrates music for LGBT History 2014.

“Punk was ‘hate everything’. Klaus said, ‘No, you can be this rebellious revolutionary or outsider, by creating the most beautiful noise ever heard in the world.’ “

LGBT History Month: Billie Ray Martin

The One and Only BRM.

To start the Polari Magazine celebration of LGBT History Month 2014, John Preston talked to Billie Ray Martin about her upcoming single with trans artist Aerea Negrot..

“There will always be naysayers who want to block progress and equality, but there was a huge surge of positivity and change last year with gay marriage becoming ‘normal’ in many cities and countries. I do believe more good things will come.”

ARTPOP • Lady Gaga

Released September 29, 2013
Lady Gaga’s mission to bring art into popular culture continues on ARTPOP.

“ARTPOP epitomizes the intent of Lady Gaga’s career and how she frames herself as an artist in the world. Her approach makes one wonder whether she has made a deal with devil in choosing to be a mainstream artist.”

LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 15

Jayne County, by Rupert Smith.

To celebrate LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari is publishing a daily series of LGBT Heroes, selected by the magazine’s team of writers and special contributors.

“This is the woman who, in the bitterly homophobic ’70s, stood in front of straight audiences looking like Dolly Parton’s trashier daughter, singing songs about sex and difference, making people laugh and think and sometimes fight. .”

Dust Jacket Designs • Andy Warhol

A Galley of Warhol Illustrated Books.

This gallery features the rare book jackets illustrated by Andy Warhol.

“Most are completely obscure and long-forgotten But they all have Andy in common and are now extremely collectable.”

Featured Song – Day 21

Lou Reed, Walk on the Wild Side

The Readers Wifes twenty-first choice of song with LGBT significance: Lou Reed, Walk on the Wild Side. For 2012 LGBT History Month.

“With its myriad references to drugs, prostitution and yer actual oral sex (“giving head”) one can only wonder at how in God’s name Lou’s timeless, wistful tribute to a coterie of Andy Warhol disciples ever made it past the censors at the BBC.”

Beautiful Darling

US: 82 min • JJay Prods. in association with Sundance Channel • 2010

Christopher Brocklebank is enamoured with the documentary Candy Darling and its depiction of the Warhol era.

With cruel irony, Candy Darling’s trajectory was fit for a star of Hollywood’s Golden Era, which Candy worshipped but was born too late for.