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You And The Night (Les Rencontres d’Après Minuit)

Cert: 18 • France: 98 min • Sedna Films / Peccadillo Pictures • October 3, 2014

You And The Night follows a suave, young couple and their cross-dressing maid as they prepare themselves for a passionate orgy with strangers.

“Eric Cantona steals a lot of the film’s focus as the hunky philanderer whose youthful dream of becoming a poet was dashed once he discovered his enormous penis and those who subsequently adored it.”

Crossing Borders: Susanne Sundfør Interview

Dramatic Electronic Pop.

Susanne Sundfør on collaborating with M83 for the soundtrack to Oblivion, her work with Röyksopp, and the UK release of her back catalogue.

“I started making songs when I was 17, because all the guys in my music high school who made their own music got a lot of attention. I wanted attention too, and I wanted to be able to live off of my own music, so I guess that’s why I started.”