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Flashback: The Very Best of Imagination • Imagination

Released October 7, 2013
Flashback is a look back at a brief yet impressive contribution to black British music by one it’s most flamboyant groups, Imagination.

Iif you’re a fan of a bass driven seductive funk with heavenly falsetto vocals then this is worth the listen. A fine slice of early ’80s Brit Funk at its most fabulous.”

Interiors • Glasser

Released October 4, 2013
Interiors sees Glasser interpreting human experiences with man-made environments and channelling them into predominately man-made music.

“Glasser has made an album that positions her among the more experimental art pop genre of electronic artists such as Julia Holter and Laurel Halo.”

Inside The Outside: An Interview with Glasser


Andrew Darley talks to Glasser about making her second album Interiors, a record that explores the physical and emotional world.

“I think my first album came out wonderfully but sometimes I think about how simple the process was compared to this one. With Interiors, it was a much more complicated process and every single sound felt like a life or death decision.”