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Stay Down, Faggot – IDAHO(T) 2014

IDAHOT 2014.

To mark IDAHO(T) 2014, Polari’s editor recalls the homophobic attack that he and his partner endured on his birthday, the day after IDAHO 2013.

“I was thumped to the ground, and kicked; when I tried to get up the more aggressive of the three yelled, ‘Stay down, faggot’.”

A Queer History: Turning Against Homosexuality

Part 2: The Roman Empire Starts to Turn Against Homosexuality

The second part of the series A Queer History that looks back to Early Greece and forward to the way we live now. The Roman Empire turns against homosexuality.

“From 323 BCE, the Roman empire absorbed Greece, but it did so selectively. Although homosexuality was acknowledged, it had no place within the social structure, as it had in Greece.”