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Lives No Longer Hidden: An Interview with Carol Steele

Revealing the Gender Spectrum.

Pioneering activist Carol Steele talks about the questions that face people who are transgender, and the obstacles that trans people have yet to overcome.

“Transgender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi in much the same way that cis-gender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi – but we do have one thing in common with all cis-LGB, we have all suffered from persecution.”

IDAHO(T) May 17 – Coming Out In A Closet

IDAHOT 2103.

In this story Ira Bohm-Sanchez writes about transitioning in Arizona, the good of it as well as the bad.

“All of the men in this tiny trash closet had directed their attention to our discussion, and I suddenly felt uncomfortable taking part in a dialogue that I normally prance through with ease. Oscar looked at me with a smile on his face as he says, ‘So that means I could fuck you, right?”