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Damon Galgut • Competition

Damon Galgut at Kings Place

Win tickets to see Damon Galgut at a special Gay’s the Word event as well as a copy of his novel Arctic Summer.

Arctic Summer • Damon Galgut

368 pages • Atlantic Books • March 06, 2014 [HB]
Damon Galgut’s remarkable novel Arctic Summer imagines the life of the great novelist E.M. Forster and the conflicts that led him to write A Passage to India.

“Forster knew when his great work had been completed, and the wonder in Damon Galgut’s Arctic Summer is that it enables the reader to feel both the triumph as well as the pain at the heart of this conflict. “

Happy 5th Birthday to Polari

Off the Virtual Page.

Today, December 3, is Polari Magazine‘s 5th birthday. Polari’s editor writes about how it stepped off the virtual pages this year and into the sensual world.

Polari Magazine has had a whirlwind 5th year, and that’s thanks to the commitment of its contributors, who have kept the content fresh and alive as we diversified into projects that stepped away from its day-to-day running.”

E.M. Forster • The Italian Novels

176 pages & 256 pages • Penguin English Library • 31 May & 27 September, 2012 [PB]

E.M. Forster’s Italian novels are full of beauty and conflict, and the film versions are but pale shadow.

“A Room With A View is a romantic comedy, and a more conventional book than Where Angels Fear To Tread. Forster was apprehensive about it, and he fretted over the quality of the character’s inner lives.”

The Stranger’s Child • Alan Hollinghurst

564 pages • Picador • May 24, 2012 [PB]

An historical, family saga; a monumental novel that is greater than Hollinghurst’s works to date.

“At the risk of sounding an irreverent note (and without wishing in any way to belittle Hollinghurst’s towering achievement) there is more than a fleeting suggestion of Brideshead Revisted-meets-Downton Abbey in The Stranger’s Child.”

History Month Heroes 8 – 14

LGBT History Month Heroes, 2 of 4

In this 4 part feature the 29 heroes – some individuals, some organisations, and some who are their own separate category – are brought together.