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Polari Magazine’s Favourite Albums of 2013

Music 2013.

From lo-fi to hi-fi, piano to punk rock, this is a selection of Polari Magazine’s Favourite Music of 2013.

Dominae: An Interview with Ejecta’s Leanne Macomber

Submission and power.

Following a 5 star review of their debut album, Dominae, Andrew Darley spoke with Leanne Macomber, one half of the synthpop duo Ejecta.

“Ejecta is a mysterious creature. She finds herself on earth after being reborn, or reanimated, or perhaps as a ghost who has just passed over into the next realm. Maybe even an alien. She is always depicted nude to allude to this displacement. Naked, she bears no signs of her culture or class. She is a timeless every woman in this sense.”

Dominae • Ejecta

Released November 15, 2013
Dominae is an accomplished album built on the tension and insecurities of relationships. It sparkles.

“Something special exists in the sincerity of the words and how they come together with the backdrop of synthesizers and drumbeats. It’s an energetic and uplifting event that feels like receiving a reassuring hug from your closest friend following a bad experience.”