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Future Souls • Uh Huh Her

Released March 25, 2014
The latest album from Uh Huh Her, Future Souls, is a concession to the dance floor as well as a continuation of their elegant, electro-pop sound.

“For a dance album it’s maybe surprising that the two best songs on Future Souls are the most introverted and intimate.”

Night Time, My Time • Sky Ferreira

Released October 29, 2013
Night Time, My Time is a surprisingly taut guitar, drums and synths album. It has an impressive, genuine indie rock-pop authenticity.

“What Fererrai has done with Night Time, My Time has made a record where it isn’t necessary to rely on visual props to fully relate to and enjoy the music. In that way it seems quite old fashioned and there is little doubt whilst listening to it that she loves these songs as well as the process of making them come to life.”

Arrows • Polly Scattergood

Released October 21, 2013
On Arrows, Polly Scattergood ranges from the perverse and genuinely dark to the self-pitying and juvenile.

“The things that marked her out as being different – her own relentless self-involvement and a singing style which manages to be downtrodden and girly – are still evident but the songs let her down more often than not.”

Wish Bone • Oh Land

47:42 min • Federal Prism • September 24, 2013
Oh Land’s Wish Bone: the promise of something both unexpected and immediately compelling is met almost without exception.

“Oh Land, like several similar acts, has been on the periphery of this greatness for a little while now but Wish Bone sees her nudge her way into this very special group with an album that, in addition to cementing her own unique identity, is a delirious and thoughtful collection of pop beauty.”

Interview: Meital Dohan

Give Us Back Love.

Polari Magazine chats with the multi-talented Meital Dohan about music, writing plays, Israel and her role in Weeds.

“I think I’m like a gay guy, myself. I’m very … gay.”