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Odd Shaped Balls

60 min • Etcetera Theatre, London • From September 18-20, 2014

Odd Shaped Balls is a one-man play which is based on Gareth Thomas’ coming out experience. An intelligent and dynamic performance.

“Odd Shaped Balls examines what it might be like for a professional sportsman, married , conventionally ‘masculine’ (in the Daily Mail’s sense of the word) to come out in the 21st Century, in the media spotlight, instant news and the ravenous hunger of social media.”

Gay Face: Another Contemporary Stereotype

Gay Face: Another Contemporary Stereotype

Paul Baker takes a look at the term ‘gay face’, and how its use as an insult is just homophobic.

If you’re calling someone “gay face” then I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that, not only are you a little bit catty, but you’ve also bought in to all the nasty homophobic and genderphobic stereotypes that mainstream society has been using to make gay men second class citizens for decades.

Watch out, the media vultures are circling

Gay journalists are starting to shout more and think less.

It seems that high-pitch indignation has ruled, and calmer heads have not prevailed, in response to gay-related stories. And that’s just the gay Facebookers and media pundits.

It’s ok, though, the virtual-world commentariat are claiming that this “open secret” is not news. In other words, if you can’t react hysterically to a situation, why not be superior instead?