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Doctor Dane Manning has disappeared from moon base 34c – disjointed fragments of two reports are all that remain. Science fiction short story by Hugh Armitage

The particular substance from which it is made is something of a mystery. As I had noticed before retiring, the flat surface refracts the light in strange ways. Looking into it, I see not the reflection of my own face, but half-illuminated shapes and whorls that shift in unpredictable directions as the perspective changes.

Obituary • Gore Vidal


Gore Vidal, one of America’s greatest writers, died on July 31 at the age of 86.

“Over the course of sixty-six years Vidal published twenty-nine novels (five under pseudonyms), four memoirs (one disguised as an extended essay, Screening History [1992]), and countless essays as well as plays for television, stage & cinema.”

Hip Pocket Sleaze • John Harrison

391 pages • Headpress • October, 2011 [PB]

Tim Bennett-Goodman learns more than he ever wanted to know about the underworld of adult vintage paperbacks.

If this book sends you racing straight down to your local secondhand bookshop in search of cheap, lurid treasures from the past, then I’ll feel as if I’ve done my job..

An interview with Jonathan Kemp

An in-depth conversation with Jonathan Kemp about his novel London Triptych.

Polari Magazine talks writing, Oscar Wilde and pornography with Jonathan Kemp on the eve of the publication of London Triptych, his debut novel.

It was very important to me that it was if not sexy then at least sexual. And sexual in a very different way, one that wasn’t necessarily pornographic.