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London Pride 2013

London Pride 2013.

A gallery of images from Pride 2013 hosted by Pride in London on Saturday, June 29.

Polari Magazine was there to document the LGBT+ community as they took to the streets to take part in the march, which is at the heart of any Pride event.”

World Pride, London 2012

World Pride, London 2012.

A gallery of images from World Pride hosted by Pride London on Saturday, July 7.

“However, nothing spurs on a marginalised community than staring into the face of adversity. The attendance on the march was far greater than I have seen in years and the atmosphere was defiant and joyous.”

Key Dates in Queer History

Key Dates in the Queer Calendar

As LGBT History Month 2012 ends Tim Bennett-Goodman takes a sideways look at queer history.

“To my mind, modern queer history, in the British Isles and Ireland at least, begins in 1885 with the Criminal Law Amendment Act, and most particularly the pernicious Section 11 or Labouchere Amendment (named after the MP who introduced it) designed to prosecute male homosexuals for acts of ‘gross indecency’.”

LGBT Heroes – Day 27

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell selected for Polari Magazine’s list of LGBT Heroes. For UK LGBT History Month 2012.

“Peter Tatchell may seem like an obvious choice for our list of LGBT Heroes, but rightly so – he has dedicated his entire adult life to the cause, at times suffering life-threatening physical abuse. I defy anyone to challenge his place here.”

Celebrating 40 years of Gay Liberation

The renowned activist Peter Tatchell on the 40th anniversary of the GLF.

Peter Tatchell looks back on 40 years of gay liberation, and in particular the GLF and its significance.

All that prejudiced nonsense was turned upside down with the advent of GLF in London in 1970. While politicians, doctors, priests and journalists saw homosexuality as a social problem, GLF said the real problem was society’s homophobia.