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I Want Your Love

US: 71 min • Naked Sword / Peccadillo Pictures • June 28 2013

A small but significant as well as moving film about real gay men of all shapes and sizes.

“There isn’t even a sub-plots involving mobile phones, a miracle in itself. It’s the anti-city that capitalism forgot and which is rarely portrayed, especially in a ‘gay’ context.”

Sex in the Cities: Travis Mathews

Interview with director and writer Travis Mathews

In a revealing interview, Mathews talks about gay sex and intimacy in his new film, I Want Your Love, and his series of shorts, In Their Room.

“I wanted to show gay men’s sexual relationships in ways that aren’t really being depicted in mainstream gay porn. There’s so many different reasons why people have sex and I wanted to create stories and characters that explore that.”

Fringe! Gay Film Fest, April 12-15

The East London Alternative Film Festival.

Fringe! runs from April 12-15, 2012, and offers a real alternative to the LGBT cinema mainstream.