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Open Hearts: An Interview with Bright Light Bright Light

More Than Most

Bright Light Bright Light talks to Polari as he embarks on a tour of America’s west coast with Elton John, ahead of the release of his new single ‘An Open Heart’

“Nobody really wants to hear a tunnel vision perspective and I don’t really want to give one – love or relationships are not particularly tied to sexuality or age or gender or race or location.”

Baby • White Hinterland

Released April 01, 2014
White Hinterland sounds fantastic on Baby, an album full of amazing, buzzing sounds and enduring passions.

“It is because of Diesel’s incredibly felt and centrally placed vocals that this is a collection of tracks that cry out for melodies that support the strength of her performances.”

Samson & Delilah • VV Brown

49:10 min • YOY • September 9, 2013
VV Brown has returned with 11 angry, desolate and soulful songs set against a unsettling, uncompromising soundtrack. It is a startling reinvention indeed.

Samson & Delilah never goes too far, gets too crazy or attention seeking. The measured and meticulous tone and pacing of this album is a very large part of its success.”

Inside The Outside: An Interview with Glasser


Andrew Darley talks to Glasser about making her second album Interiors, a record that explores the physical and emotional world.

“I think my first album came out wonderfully but sometimes I think about how simple the process was compared to this one. With Interiors, it was a much more complicated process and every single sound felt like a life or death decision.”

Upon Ayr • Fletcher

Released May 27, 2013
Upon Ayr by Fletcher. Marcus Reeves is impressed by Ben Fletcher’s debut album, which has great sensitivity, feeling and authenticity. .

“If this is what Fletcher can produce by polishing up his ‘demos’, it would be interesting to see what he might do with a big budget, but it is perhaps the limitations imposed on the recordings and his ‘one man band’ aesthetic that has made the album such an impressive and focused collection..”

Our LGBT Histories: Music – Day 9

Kate Bush, ‘Kashka From Baghdad’.

To mark LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari asked its contributors to recall a song that had an impact their own stories.

“They’re not tragic figures these gay men, instead they engender love and hope; ‘At night, they’re seen laughing, loving. They know the way to be happy’.”

Ghost EP • Sky Ferreira

18.52 min • Capitol • October 16, 2012

The new Sky Ferreira EP is a stark departure from her debut, and an experiment that shows nerve and talent.

“Ferreira refrains from anchoring the record with her own personality; instead she lingers behind the strength of the songs suggesting she may be uncertain of her own musical identity.”

You typed ‘what crap is madonna talking now’ into Google?

Search terms that have led readers to Polari.

It’s madness, and part of Polari’s WTF Friday features. Madonna, Alan Turing, public toilets, and the death penalty, again ….

“Last week it was simply ‘death penalty for fags’, but now ‘polari’ has been added, which is just weird, unless someone was looking for the translation of said terms into the glorious Polari lexicon. …”

An Interview with Katie Melua

Walls of the World.

Polari Magazine interview with Katie Melua and talked to her about her album ‘Secret Symphony’, William Orbit and who she’d like to work with in the future.

“I’d love to work with Kate Bush. I’ve always loved her work and delighted with her new material too.”

Polari HQ • What are we listening to?

18 August, 2012

Recommendations from Polari’s writers based on what they are listening to this week.

“This week: Pure Love, Imagine Dragons, Kate Bush, Bat For Lashes and Anais Mitchell.”