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Trouble’s Lament • Tori Amos

Released March 28, 2014
Trouble’s Lament is fun and fresh, capturing Tori Amos’ charismatic personality, wit and unmatched ability to whisk you away with a story.

“The song tips its hat to her homeland of North Carolina, with a welcome surprise of Southern Blues – and it’s deeply ingrained, almost as if it’s calling her back.”

The Sound of Wonder

An interview with Tori Amos about her album Midwinter Graces.

Polari Magazine talks to Tori Amos the morning after her intimate performance at the Jazz Café in North London about the seasonal albumMidwinter Graces and the upcoming musical The Light Princess.

When you go to the bigger places and come back it’s quite a challenge because you have to not feel under a microscope, and you have to feel ok about being exposed.