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Queer Lisboa

An Interview with João Ferreira.

João Ferreira, Queer Lisboa’s Festival Director, talks about how queer cinema is changing and how it remains a culture founded on desire.

“The idea was to have a very diverse programme that doesn’t look at gay or queer cinema in a narrow way but finds narratives and aesthetics that could also be called queer. We try to forget the labels and look for queerness in all kinds of films.”

Fringe Festival • April 15

Pick of the Day: April 15.

Daily highlights of the Fringe! Gay Film Festival. Gays On TV, 2 documentaries, one from 1975, the other 1983 examining gay youth in the UK, Un Chant D’Amour, presented by Jonathan Kemp at Little Joe’s temporary film hut and Swoon, Tom Kalin’s 1992 stylish noir classic.