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Queer X: The Queer History of the X-Men

Subversive Mutants.

Does science fiction have the power to infiltrate the mass consciousness with socially progressive ideas that can ultimately change a person’s worldview?

“The allegorical power of the series over the decades has probably done more to shape contemporary culture than placing a range of rather token gay characters ever could, and this alone should justify X-Men’s place within queer history.”

The Date That Miaowed


Scott should have listened to his fellow tweeps and just moved on earlier … Next!

“Like something from a deranged animé cartoon, he couldn’t put his excitement for nibbles into words, so he miaowed.”

It’s The Green Lantern!

Alan Scott Comes Out in Earth Two.

It is official: the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, has a boyfriend.

“In Green Lantern #40 (1965), Alan Scott and Hal Jordan meet. In other words, no, we shall not get to see Ryan Reynolds tapping into his metrosexual side if the film Green Lantern 2 ever makes it beyond the development stage. “

The Marriage of Northstar and Kyle

A Superhero Same-Sex Marriage First.

The wedding of the X-Men superhero Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle shows a trend for visibility as a result of the equal marriage debate.

“If a child sees a man and woman kissing, they do not immediately think about what they do in bed. What they see is two people being affectionate.”