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I Want Your Love

US: 71 min • Naked Sword / Peccadillo Pictures • June 28 2013

A small but significant as well as moving film about real gay men of all shapes and sizes.

“There isn’t even a sub-plots involving mobile phones, a miracle in itself. It’s the anti-city that capitalism forgot and which is rarely portrayed, especially in a ‘gay’ context.”

Barbara Hammer: Cuts Above The Rest

Queer Spaces.

Barbara Hammer talks queer cinema, marriage equality, and the importance of real diversity in life and art.

“We finally have the foundation of a culture, we have traced our histories, let us not make marriage and human rights erase us into a vast homogenization of the human race.”

Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place

Simon Oldfield Gallery.

Michael Langan talks to Simon Foxall about Queer Art, and how so many images in the pop-culture landscape operate as fantasies that obscure uncomfortable truths.

“South America has always interested me as a Hollywood product, one that has been used as an escapist tool. I think Evita interests me in that way too – do we think of Madonna and the music, or of the glamorous supporter of European fascism?”

Sundance 2013: Between Categories

Queer Spaces.

Michael Langan talks to Travis Mathews: a revealing exchange about how Mathews’ work operates in the space between categories.

“I like the in-between space because it leaves open the possibility of the unexpected while having some sort of map to refer to if it goes off the rails. I was voted “most unpredictable” in high school, so there you have it. .”

The New Queer Art in Lisbon

Interview with curator Colin Ginks

I Am This Also is an exhibition at Liberdade Provisoria in Lisbon that looks at what queer art means in an age when so much its imagery has entered the mainstream.

“I wondered if I was going to get indifferent reactions to this project because banal, queer-informed, imagery has invaded the visual mainstream in so many ways.”