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Speaking Words: An Interview with Walter Thomas Beck III

Queer Revolution.

Walter Beck about how performance poetry is an electric force that is returning the art form “to the bars and the gutters”.

“Everybody has something to say and a story to tell, we all have passions, dreams, heartbreaks. Poetry is the tool that allows everybody to speak.<"

Speaking Words: An Interview with Keith Jarrett

Queer Spaces.

In the third of a series on queer performance poets, Keith Jarrett talks about performance poetry as social commentary and the importance of safe queer spaces.

“There are places I feel less comfortable, where I feel less represented. Queer spaces redress that balance a little.”

Justin David: Night Work

Photographing Queer Artists.

Michael Langan talks to writer and photographer Justin David about his series Night Work, which features queer artists in the alternative after-hours world of night …

“I’ve always felt more welcome in a queer setting, amongst these sort of characters, as opposed to a gay mainstream.”