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Aventine • Agnes Obel

Released September 30, 2013
Aventine is a beautiful, subtle and detailed album. It is a worthy successor to the double-platinum Philharmonics.

“It seems appropriate that Obel should choose an ancient word of ‘Aventine’ to represent this album. There is a timelessness and air of history to these songs, whilst remaining very much in the present. It reflects on both time past and wishes hope for the time to come through its lyrics, which feels both meditative and romantic. .”

Night of Hunters • Tori Amos

Released on September 19, 2011

Amos’ new album, a 21st century song cycle inspired by 400 years of classical music, is surprising and brilliant.

Amos’ adaptability as a musician makes this, her twelfth studio album, as distinctive as anything she has ever done. Original, inventive and brilliant.