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Exclusive: Ryan MacGrath, ‘Kiss Me Tonight’ Chandelier remix

Celebrating LGBT History Month 2014 with an exclusive Ryan MacGrath track.

Ryan MacGrath celebrates LGBT History Month with Polari by debuting a remix of ‘Kiss Me Tonight’ from his 2013 EP The Pink Lark.

Ryan MacGrath, ‘Still Twirling’

Who Needs Love (Like That)?

Ryan MacGrath writes about his experience of growing up gay and becoming an artist. And twirling in his sister’s prom dress.

“As soon as this happened, I immediately knew what I had been missing with the girls I’d been kissing. I wasn’t sure exactly how to come out, but I knew that I needed to start the process.”

Ashes And Tangerines: Clara Engel Interview

The Lovebird’s Throat.

Clara Engel talks about the meaning behind her music, her feelings of transcendence whilst making it and how she feels labels put on artists are redundant.

“I am queer, but my gender and the genders of the people I’ve dated doesn’t affect my art nearly as much as what I’ve read and listened to, for example. Gender identity and sexuality is a curious way to categorize art if you really think about it.”