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Ratings War

April 09, 2014

A ratings war charting who can have the most elaborate same-sex marriage ceromony is on! Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Scenes From A Modern Marriage (2)

April 06, 2014

Victorian romance takes on a same-sex marriage twist. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Scenes From A Modern Marriage (1)

April 05, 2014

The honeymoon period is over. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Priority Booking

April 02, 2014

It’s hard to celebrate equal marriage when you didn’t get Kate Bush tickets. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

A.K.A. Same-Sex Marriage Decision

July 24, 2013

County Council’s Knee Jerk Reaction | David Shenton | polarimagazine.com

We Are The Parade • Sabrina Chap

Singing for Equal Rights.

The wonderful, the talented and the irrepressible Sabrina Chap returns with her hymn to equal marriage, ‘We Are The Parade’.

‘We Are The Parade’ is a big gay anthem. “Well you think you wanna marry me, come on take my hand, it’s a long walk to equality so let’s strike the band up”.

An Open Letter To The Newly-Weds

The Meaning of Marriage.

Scott De Buitléir writes a letter to his newly wed friends, and gets more than a little emotional …

“The ceremony was new to everyone, I think. Not only are we Irish used to Catholic weddings, but a Humanist ceremony for two men meant that no-one’s attention was lost.”

The Marriage of Northstar and Kyle

A Superhero Same-Sex Marriage First.

The wedding of the X-Men superhero Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle shows a trend for visibility as a result of the equal marriage debate.

“If a child sees a man and woman kissing, they do not immediately think about what they do in bed. What they see is two people being affectionate.”

This Week In The Same Sex Marriage Debate

Only Obama Got The Point.

This week in the same sex marriage debate, Obama came out in support, the Conservative government retreated, and North Carolina voted to ban civil unions and same sex marriage.

“The Conservatives played the blame game, and so the same sex marriage rights that had been on the table before last week’s elections were excluded. Politics is being played with rights, and that is deplorable.”

Are you a MEGA-gay?

Even the gays don’t want equal marriage! Apparently.

Nadine Dorries is opposed to what she calls the Metro Elite Gay Activists, who she says are pushing an agenda that nobody really wants. She sums up the tactics of the new homophobia, writes Paul Baker.

“Just who are these Metro Elite Gay Activists – or MEGA-gays as Nadine Dorries claims? I have this picture in my head of a haughty cartoon gay couple called Ivan and Tarquin, living in a swanky loft somewhere near Primrose Hill.”