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Confronting Tom of Finland

Sexist, Racist, Misogynistic.

Tom of Finland is celebrated for his assertion of a masculine homosexuality. Was this revolutionary, asks Adam Thorburn, or were darker cultural forces at work?

“Lurking behind every image of Tom’s masculine gods is the specter of a limp-wristed homosexual. Tom of Finland’s career as a pornographer can be regarded as a mission to rescue homosexuality from the contamination of effeminacy.”

Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland on MOCAtv

Richard Hawkins introduces.

This special preview from MOCAtv looks at the exhibition Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place

Simon Oldfield Gallery.

Michael Langan talks to Simon Foxall about Queer Art, and how so many images in the pop-culture landscape operate as fantasies that obscure uncomfortable truths.

“South America has always interested me as a Hollywood product, one that has been used as an escapist tool. I think Evita interests me in that way too – do we think of Madonna and the music, or of the glamorous supporter of European fascism?”

Homotopia Festival 2012

The Cutting Edge of Queer Arts.

The ninth Homotopia Festival runs from 30 October to 30 November 2012. Michael Langan talks to Artistic Director Gary Everett about this innovative queer arts programme.

“So many gay festivals around the UK feel bland, commodified and corporate and seem to have lost their way. I hope through our message of art and social justice we connect with queer and LGBT audiences as well as the wider community.”