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T-Girls: Gender Outlaws

Diverse Identities.

The term T-girls celebrates a range of trans identities. Darius Amini’s exhibition, Gender Outlaws, celebrates the diversity of identity.

What Darius would really like people to take away from the exhibition is an increased awareness of the diversity within the T-Girl community, and to be surprised by that.

Discovering Linck: An Interview with Danny West

An 18th century trans marriage.

Andrew Darley talks to Danny West about the life of Catharina Linck, who lived as a man, married, and was executed for sodomy.

“There’s so little gay history that is taught to us in school or generally spoken about. As a community, we sometimes have a very bad understanding of where we come from and if this play is able to help then that’s great.”

LGBT Heroes – Day 28


The editor selects EVA & ADELE for Polari Magazine’s list of LGBT Heroes. For UK LGBT History Month 2012.

“EVA & ADELE celebrate difference. Not only is their performance an exclamation mark, it is also a question mark in human form.”