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Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia

Cert: U • US: 90 min • Amnesia Productions • April 18 2013

A deft insight into the life and work of one of the twentieth century’s great public intellectuals.

“The film works to remind us what a remarkable figure Gore Vidal was and vividly illustrates how rare such liberal voices are, not only in American politics but anywhere.”

LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 1

Alan Turing, by Christopher Bryant.

To celebrate LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari is publishing a daily series of LGBT Heroes, selected by the magazine’s team of writers and special contributors.

“What did Turing’s homosexuality have to do directly with his work? The answer is nothing and everything. Turing’s genius was in his way of looking at the world in a distinctive, and dissident, way.”

Ghost Station

New contemporary art exhibition at Bletchley park.

ArtHertz presents an exhibition exploring the themes of codes, code-breaking, Alan Turing, the role of pigeons and women in World War II.

LGBT Heroes – Day 29

Alan Turing

To mark the last day of LGBT History Month, 2012, the Polari team have selected Alan Turing for Polari Magazine’s list of LGBT Heroes. For UK LGBT History Month, and Turing Year, 2012. Written by Paul Baker.

“While many people have singled out Turing because of his contribution in helping Britain and its allies win World War II, it should be remembered that there were thousands of forgotten men who lived through the wars, who fought in them, and were also punished because of who they loved.”

McNally rejects Turing Pardon

Latest News on the Petition to revoke Alan Turing

The justice minister, Lord McNally, unfairly dismisses the pardon for Alan Turing.

“In his centenary, Turing is owed a debt of gratitude by this country. LGBT History Month is not the time to reject that change.”

Alan Turing Petition

Petition to revoke Alan Turing’s continuing criminal status

Alan Turing was a war hero, and his work helped to win World War II. Yet he is still legally a criminal.

The petition states: “Alan Turing was driven to a terrible despair and early death by the nation he’d done so much to save. This remains a shame on the UK government and UK history.”