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Polari Magazine 2008-2014

The Future of Polari.

For its six years, Polari Magazine has been run as a community project and put together wholly in the time lent by its founders and contributors. It has been run on the sheer energy of those invested in the project with no external financial input.

Polari Magazine has had a whirlwind 5th year, and that’s thanks to the commitment of its contributors, who have kept the content fresh and alive as we diversified into projects that stepped away from its day-to-day running.”

Tearing Up Their Map: An Interview with Lamb

Tearing Up Their Map: Interview with Lamb

Polari speaks with Lou Rhodes of the long-standing band Lamb about their rebirth, space and their ability to change their own path..

“For me, although the use of outer space imagery is important, the real emphasis is on the idea of space as an expanse or spaciousness in the music and lyrics. Literally the space between words and notes.”

Future Islands • Gig

November 2, 2014
Future Islands are a juggernaut of a band who exceed expectation with a performance that is built on the foundations of several years hard graft.

“Samuel T. Herring’s stamina and vocal backflips cuts through the plethora of indie bands who fail to grasp the concept of performance and showmanship.”

Puppets with Attitude (at Christmas)

Puppets with Attitude (at Christmas)

Clementine introduces her new show at the BFI, Puppets at Christmas: Celebrating Puppets with Attitude

The Aesthetic of Voyeurism: Interview with Antonio Da Silva

Erotic Shorts.

The shorts of Antonio Da Silva combine elements of pornography, narrative and the art film. He talks to Michael Langan about poetry, porn and how in touch with his audience he is.

“The moments I select in my editing are the ones where the person forgets the camera is there. If I see ‘acting,’ I won’t use that. That’s why in some of my films I show people leaving the moment after having sex, I’m interested in that afterwards moment.”