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Catherine Hall: In Conversation

The Repercussions.

Catherine Hall talks to her about her fascination with writing about times of war, and how queer life is represented in contemporary fiction.

“When I was young, I’d have loved to have been able to look at someone in the public eye and know they were gay, and they’d achieved something. I think it’s important to stand up and be counted. “

Illustrating Queer lives • Competition

WIN tickets, books and art zine!

WIN tickets to Comics Unmasked, a book and art zine.

Damon Galgut • Competition

Damon Galgut at Kings Place

Win tickets to see Damon Galgut at a special Gay’s the Word event as well as a copy of his novel Arctic Summer.

2012 Retrospective 1: Arts & Culture

2012 Retrospective

The Editor looks back at the year 2012 in Polari and how it has explored the LGBT subculture. Part 1: Arts and Culture.

You typed WHAT?! into Google?

Search terms that have led readers to Polari.

It’s madness, and part of Polari’s WTF Friday features. Gay hyena, magazines for gypsies and Madonna’s role in modern masturbation.

“How can a hole in a bookstore be gay? Is it supposed to mean ‘hole’ as in ‘dive’ or is it the traditional ‘glory hole’. I’ll ask the lovely chaps at Gay’s The Word. “

The Guide to the Real Soho: Clayton Littlewood

Goodbye to Soho

Author, diarist and playwright Clayton Littlewood talks about his latest book, Goodbye to Soho, and telling X-rated stories for the National Trust app on Soho.

“I had all this material waiting. And I wanted to do justice to all the characters in the first book and say goodbye to them properly.”

Reading: Mark Cornwall • The Devil’s Wall

Book launch, Gay’s The Word, May 24, London.

Author and historian Mark Cornwall reads from his book on Heinz Rutha, the pioneer of a youth movement that emphasized male bonding in its quest to reassert German dominance over Czech space in the 1930s.

“Through a narrative that unravels the threads of Rutha’s own repressed sexuality, Cornwall shows how Czech authorities misinterpreted Rutha’s mission as sexual deviance and in 1937 charged him with corrupting adolescents.”

Clayton Littlewood at Gay’s The Word

Clayton Littlewood at Gay’s The Word, May 3, London

Celebrating the launch of Clayton Littlewood’s new book Goodbye To Soho.

“Downright Dickensian… not simply a good writer but a great writer! – Polari Magazine”

LGBT Heroes – Day 21

Edward Carpenter

Selected by Jim MacSweeney from Gay’s the Word for Polari Magazine’s list of LGBT Heroes.

“This is a man who in the latter part of the 19th century and early 20th century was a committed socialist; a pioneering sex reformer who wrote on homosexuality and the emancipation of women; interested in environmentalism and an advocate of sustainable farming; an anti-vivisectionist and supporter of animal rights.”

Gay Life, Straight Work, with D.J. West

Author D.J. West

D.J. West, who wrote the pioneering book ‘Homosexuality’ (1955), talks at Gay’s the Word, 1 March 2012.

“Now he gives a raw account of a fraught private life of love and sex, constantly under threat of public exposure, and tells how this interacted with a professional career.”