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Naked Boys Reading

Polari’s August Bona-nza: Naked Books.

The founders of Naked Boys Reading talk about how it mixes body and mind, and how a naked reading can change the meaning of a work in unexpected ways.

“It’s always interesting to see how the nakedness, which many people think would overshadow the literature, actually takes a step back as soon as the readers start reading and the audience gets involved in the text rather than the body reading it.”

The Penetrated Male

Reassessing Male Subjectivity.

Jonathan Kemp introduces his new book, The Penetrated Male, in which he reclaims the male body from modern masculine subjectivity.

“We will challenge your ideals of beauty, gender and sex. We will move you, with flesh, skill and the opportunity to expand your mind and heart.”

To Russian LGBT – with love

October 6, 2013.

Daniel Vais writes about the inspiration for the ‘To Russian LGBT – with love’ event, a collaboration between Dalston Superstore, Culture Device and the Queer Archives.

“When other communities in other countries are in need it feels to me like my own community is in need. It’s a duty to organize this event, an honor, and that’s why I want people to join. It is an opportunity to unite in solidarity, to help and support.”

LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 6

Michel Foucault, by Jonathan Kemp.

To celebrate LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari is publishing a daily series of LGBT Heroes, selected by the magazine’s team of writers and special contributors.

“The exciting opportunities, for him, lay in the creative possibilities of non-normative sexual practices and new, alternative forms of organizing personal relationships; not in discovering who we are, but refusing who we are. “

Queer Humanism • Jonathan Kemp

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association.

Jonathan Kemp reads from his books and discusses his work in the context of “Queer Humanism”.

Justin David: Night Work

Photographing Queer Artists.

Michael Langan talks to writer and photographer Justin David about his series Night Work, which features queer artists in the alternative after-hours world of night …

“I’ve always felt more welcome in a queer setting, amongst these sort of characters, as opposed to a gay mainstream.”

Recording an Alternative History

Matt Fennemore talks David Wojnarowic.

Michael Langan talks to performance artist Matt Fennemore about the queer arts pioneer David Wojnarowicz, whose work has inspired his new piece, You Killed Me First!

“Film-maker, performer, photographer, iconoclast, AIDS campaigner and all-round agent provocateur, Wojnarowicz belonged to an age when to be gay, queer, or whatever you want to call it, was to be fighting a constant battle against prejudice, bigotry and, as a matter of life and death, striving for human rights.”

“I Could Be a Lesbian and I Don’t Know It”

Unexpected and Supportive Words.

In this tender, autobiographical piece, writer Jonathan Kemp recalls what it was like growing up gay, and the words said when he came out to his mother.

“The very next day she rang Gay Switchboard who put her in touch with a support group for parents with gay children and she went along. It touched me that she did that, eager to understand and learn rather than, as many parents do, judge.”

Dear Queer Diary • Jonathan Kemp & Clayton Littlewood

The Confessional Compulsion.

In this special event, Jonathan Kemp and Clayton Littlewood explore and discuss the compulsion to write confessional works.

Clayton Littlewood Meets Maggie & Martin!

An Evening of Readings, Performance and Song.

Following on from the successful performance at Madam JoJo’s, Clayton Littlewood teams up with Maggie & Martin for an unforgettable evening of song and performance. Featuring the book Goodbye to Soho, and the album Union.