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Aventine • Agnes Obel

Released September 30, 2013
Aventine is a beautiful, subtle and detailed album. It is a worthy successor to the double-platinum Philharmonics.

“It seems appropriate that Obel should choose an ancient word of ‘Aventine’ to represent this album. There is a timelessness and air of history to these songs, whilst remaining very much in the present. It reflects on both time past and wishes hope for the time to come through its lyrics, which feels both meditative and romantic. .”

Gulf of Poets: An Interview with George Pringle

Doing It Herself.

Andrew Darley talks to the fascinating musician George Pringle about her new album, Golfo dei Poeti, and her unique approach to writing experimental music.

“There is something very primal about singing. It’s like crying when you can’t speak.”

Independent and Without Category

An interview with Nica Brooke

An interview with a new kind of star who is completely outside the world of the record industry.

I have my own studio, write, record, produce and engineer on my own, and so I don’t have any expenses unless I need a musician to play an instrument..