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From the Fringes of the Milky Way

An interview with Tori Amos about Abnormally Attracted to Sin.

Polari Magazine talks to Tori Amos about the idea of sin and self-worth, giving a record a good airbrush, and the funny things her daughter Natashya says to her.

When you’re first making records, you haven’t tasted the tip of the devil’s wand. But on your tenth album you’ve done more than taste it.

The Promise of Science-Fiction

Dr Who author David Llewllyn is the guest columnist this month.

David Llewllyn writes about science-fiction, and how it addresses the subject of sexuality.

It’s curious that while non-genre television still tip-toes around the subject of sexuality, sci-fi and fantasy programmes, from Buffy to Torchwood, have tackled it with aplomb. Perhaps this is the Trojan Horse principle in action, and audiences are more willing to accept gay and lesbian characters if they are surrounded by aliens and vampires.

Extra material – Interview with Tori Amos

Extra material from an interview with Tori Amos about Abnormally Attracted to Sin.

Polari Magazine talks to Tori Amos about fun she has with the packaging that goes with her albums, and working with Doug Morris.

I am really proud of The Beekeeper packaging. Actually I think it’s stunning. I love that side of it.

Villains: Scientology and homosexuality

The Scientology movement and its treatment of homosexuality.

Scientology is busy rewriting its history to appeal to a new generation, which almost makes it a Proper Religion, but its murky past is there to read (and ignore?) in L. Ron Hubbard’s questionable tome Dianetics.

Gay Scientologists have since embarked on the work of reinterpretation. This is how you can tell it has become a Proper Religion: a host of followers pick and choose, then ignore the things they don’t think should apply to them.

Sci-Fi in Hi-Fi

On the theme of Sci-fi in Hi-fi.

Mister Meredith of The Magic Faraway Travel Agency looks at the appeal of Sci-Fi.

People generally find sci-fi when they’re young. Ask adults and opinions on the matter very rarely sit on the fence, they either “get it” or they don’t.

Aleem Khan, Film Maker

Focus on Talent talks to Aleem Khan

Aleem Khan is the director of the short film Diana, which was premiered at The 23rd London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in April.

My aim was to make a film that people could relate to in some way. In our lives we have all suffered from some kind of rejection, isolation or loss.

Promise of Spring

Our guest columnist this month is the incomparable David Hoyle.

David is a performance artist, actor, writer and comedian who gave birth to the legendary Divine David. David returns to London this month with a new series of uncompromising and unmissable shows.

Nowadays, it’s all too easy to take an off-the-peg identity. And, indeed, an off-the-peg physique. But musculature can be a form of armour and those of you who haven’t been to the gymnasium have bodies which are more idiosyncratically your own.

Clementine in the 25th Century

Clementine’s greatest sci-fi adventure!!!

Clementine the Living Fashion Doll is hurtled 500 years into the future. Pin back your Polari lobes, and nellyarda to find out what happens ….

The year is 1987. A compact mixed blue and green in a freak mishap, causing a Rift in Taste, and Clementine is hurled into the future to become Cosmic Cosmeticist in the 25th Century!

Sci-Fi and homosexuality

Polari Facts looks at the significant question of homosexuality in Sci-Fi.

The first mainstream gay couple were obviously C3-P0 and R2-D2, and Buck Rogers clearly gave birth to a generation of spandex fetishists.

In 1977 Star Wars brought the first mainstream homosexual relationship to the Big Screen. To get around the censors, as well as those pesky Christian Fundamentalists who were getting so noisy at the time, that relationship was between the droids C3-P0 and R2-D2.