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Eight Houses • She Keeps Bees

Released September 29, 2014
She Keeps Bees’ fourth album Eight Houses is a refined, meditative record that unfurls in front of you.

“Their airtight and soulful approach is a clear statement of who they are sonically and the strength of their songwriting.”

Before The Last Curtain Falls

Cert: tbc • Ger/Bel: 86 min • Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion • July 2, 2014

Before The Last Curtain Falls explores the lives of a troupe of elderly drag artists. It’s a beautifully made, tender tribute to the lives of others.

“What the film draws back the curtain on is exactly what is at stake for these human beings when it comes to living their somewhat difficult lives, negotiating changing and fluid social attitudes, and their own internalised homophobia.”

Into The Night: An Interview with Sleep Thieves

You Want the Night.

Sleep Thieves talk about how far they’ve come since their beginning, how they feel like a “new band” and what it means to them to make music.

“Whether you’re playing to 10 or 3,000 people, you should be singing as if you’re in front of the one most important person in your life.”

Beverley & I: Interview with Beverley Ditsie

Beverley Ditsie at Queer Lisboa.

Beverley Ditsie talks about the rules of gender, sexual politics in South Africa and why always being yourself is the best form of activism there is.

“Gender roles are very strictly enforced in South Africa. Even though we’re all urbanised and we’re born in cities we all identify with whatever tradition or culture we come from, to a large degree. Even if you don’t you’ll be forced to acknowledge it by those around you.”

Shatter Me • Lindsey Stirling

Released July 21, 2014
With Shatter Me, Lindsey Stirling has upped her game and transports her music past the dinner party and straight into the club.

“Everything seems to have been upped a notch, and while the videos for her first album and EPs were engaging and sweet, the video for ‘Beyond The Veil’ is a full on MTV baiting, thunder-and-lightning dramatic piece of film.”

Azealia Banks • Brixton Academy

70 min • Brixton Academy • September 19, 2014

Azealia Banks kicks up a storm at Brixton Academy, and the promise of her upcoming album Broke With Expensive Taste is even sweeter for it.

“The music mostly moves at a ferocious speed, all being mixed by an onstage DJ, with her dancers voguing and waacking their way through her set, feeling more like a long club PA than a rock concert – which to me is a good thing. “

Queer Film and Culture • Cascais & Ferreira

630 pages • Queer Lisboa • September 13, 2014
A brilliantly informative compendium of catalogue essays, interviews, plot summaries and images, as well as new material from Queer Lisboa.

“Queer Lisboa is not only a lens, it is a prism that allows for a detailed examination and enquiry into the nature of queer cinema, its influences and experiments and the conversations and controversies it sparks.”

Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery

Cert: 15 • US: 1637 min • Paramount Home Entertainment • July 29, 2014

Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery is a comprehensive and fitting collection that will mostly delight the fans of the maverick and groundbreaking television series.

“The sound and picture quality have been further upgraded and each frame now looks truly beautiful – crisp but dreamy, as they were meant to be.”

Queer Lisboa: 18 Years of Filth

Queer Lisboa Turns 18.

Michael Langan talks to João Ferreira, Queer Lisboa’s Festival Director, about the film festival Queer Lisboa on the advent of its 18th birthday.

“The John Waters retrospective has been a long time in the planning, but we really wanted it for our 18th birthday. Our slogan this year is taken from Waters: 18 years of Filth.”


75 min • Summerhall • August 1-2, 2014

Sister is a brutally honest, confrontational and intelligent piece that challenges us to think about how women are perceived by society.

“Amy and Rosana share with each other, and with the audience, some very personal stories of growing up in a world in which children are exposed to sex from an early age and yet sex and sexuality are still often seen as shameful or taboo – particularly where women are concerned.”