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Shatter Me • Lindsey Stirling

Released July 21, 2014
With Shatter Me, Lindsey Stirling has upped her game and transports her music past the dinner party and straight into the club.

“Everything seems to have been upped a notch, and while the videos for her first album and EPs were engaging and sweet, the video for ‘Beyond The Veil’ is a full on MTV baiting, thunder-and-lightning dramatic piece of film.”

Azealia Banks • Brixton Academy

70 min • Brixton Academy • September 19, 2014

Azealia Banks kicks up a storm at Brixton Academy, and the promise of her upcoming album Broke With Expensive Taste is even sweeter for it.

“The music mostly moves at a ferocious speed, all being mixed by an onstage DJ, with her dancers voguing and waacking their way through her set, feeling more like a long club PA than a rock concert – which to me is a good thing. “

Father EP • Stokeley

Released August 15, 2014
Stokeley’s Father EP features lush soundscapes studded with youthful melancholy. Rarely does ambient music portray the isolation and loneliness of young men.

“Rather than being the spearhead of change, this EP is the silent scream in your head that soundtracks your day to day life… especially as a gay man who doesn’t want to conform.”

I AM Legend: An interview with Larry Tee

Super Electric Party Machine.

Larry Tee waxes lyrical about his quest for tomorrow’s sound, and what rock’n’roll is right now.

“I’ve had my biggest hits by doing things that I really shouldn’t do. In 1992, when I wrote ‘Supermodel’, it wasn’t the consensual wisdom that betting on a black transvestite would really make money. And it wasn’t something I did because I thought it would make a lot of money.”

An Innocent Evening of Drinking • Declan Bennett

Released January 1996
An Innocent Evening Of Drinking is folk pop perfection and sits somewhere between Ani DiFranco and Damian Rice but with an underlying pop sensibility.

“This album is essential listening for any fans of well written pop, folk, or just music in general. It’s also the most lyrically arresting album I’ve heard in years, and deserves to be heard for that reason in general.”

LGBT History Month: Stokeley Interview

Pictures from the Sky.

Stokeley talks about his musical influences, his record label and being an out musician.

“Aspects of my sexuality certainly have motivating affects on me, but whether you could call it influence I’m not sure – thus far, at least. It definitely informs what I do, and how and why I do it that way.”

Into The Blue • Kylie

4:10 min • Parlophone • March 9, 2014
‘Into The Blue’ is a disappointing first single when earlier preview tracks had indicated otherwise.

“In a U-Turn that can have only been inspired by record executive fear, the announcement that the FIRST single from the album would be ‘Into The Blue’ was made.”

Beyoncé • Beyoncé

66:35 min • Parkwood / Columbia • December 13, 2013
The surprise release from Beyoncé is probably the first time in her career that she can truly be seen as an artist. Not commercial but a soul opus.

“Beyoncé raps and purrs, and whilst her voice is in solid shape, there’s little of the vocal gymnastics we’ve come to expect from her. This album is not about booty shaking, getting to number one and showing off her vocal range. This album is about the music and the artistry.”

American Psycho: A New Musical Thriller

160 min • Almeida Theatre, London • December 3, 2013 – February 1, 2014

Matt Smith plays Patrick Bateman in the dark musical thriller American Psycho. Gruesome, with an eclectic lo-fi ’80s score.

“Patrick Bateman is essentially the ’80s American Dream. He has the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect designer suit, and the perfect high-paid job. He is also Matt Smith”

Britney Jean • Britney Spears

Released November 29, 2013
With a co-writing credit on every track, Britney Jean is not a return to Britney the Pop Princess, but the dawn of Britney the woman.

Britney Jean feels to me like the first album Britney has had any control over since her highly publicised breakdown and heavy sedation.”