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Les Beaux Jours (Bright Days Ahead)

Cert: 15 • France: 94 min • Les Films du Kiosque, 27.11 Production • June 19, 2013

Bright Days Ahead (Les Beaux Jours) puts an unrepentantly pleasure-driven, mature female protagonist, centre stage.

“An unabashed vehicle for its fragrant star, the entertaining Bright Days Ahead chimes irresistibly with the current vogue for films exploring ‘Third Age’ experiences.”

L’inconnnu du lac (Stranger By The Lake)

Cert: 18 • France: 100 min • Les Films du Worso • February 21, 2014

Alain Guiraudie’s ‘L’Inconnnu du lac (Stranger By The Lake)’ is an elegant, provocative, genre-crossing film. It’s also eye-poppingly explicit.

Stranger By The Lake might have the feel of a particularly classy porn flick were in not for the diverse bodies it presents, and for the director’s careful attention to the nuances of all aspects of the men’s conduct and contact.”