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Eight Houses • She Keeps Bees

Released September 29, 2014
She Keeps Bees’ fourth album Eight Houses is a refined, meditative record that unfurls in front of you.

“Their airtight and soulful approach is a clear statement of who they are sonically and the strength of their songwriting.”

Into The Night: An Interview with Sleep Thieves

You Want the Night.

Sleep Thieves talk about how far they’ve come since their beginning, how they feel like a “new band” and what it means to them to make music.

“Whether you’re playing to 10 or 3,000 people, you should be singing as if you’re in front of the one most important person in your life.”

You Want The Night • Sleep Thieves

Released June 17, 2014
The debut album You Want The Night from Sleep Thieves show that they’ve grown in leaps and bounds, yet still hold the spirit of when they first emerged.

“Their song structures are more experimental and playful than before, whilst Sorcha comes into her own as a front-woman. She commands a dynamic in her voice that can be both sweet and sharp.”

Happiness On Earth: An Interview with Julián Hernández

Bodies that tell stories.

Julián Hernández’s talks about his film I Am Happiness On Earth, which utilises its character’s bodies as a way of story-telling.

“The characters in I Am Happiness On Earth communicate using their bodies; when they’re being intimate with one another, they’re incapable of lying, unlike their everyday lives, when they lie through words.”

Imagining the Impossible: An Interview with Conner Habib

Porn Star Teacher.

Conner Habib went from academic to porn star. He talks about upcoming book on how people learn to understand sex, and how his two career paths crossed.

“People in power use sex to get themselves more power. People can create legislations and social rules around sex. It’s been purposely divided in a calculated way to divide it from the rest of our lives.”

Terrafidella • The Horn The Hunt

Released July 7, 2014
On Terrafidella you can feel the heat of the surroundings in the desert, the plummeting temperatures at night while the wide-open sky is speckled with stars.

“Its title, Terrafidella, is coined from the combination of Latin words for ‘land’ and ‘faithful’. The music, imagery and the words are deeply engrained in landscape and its presence. “

Celebrating 40 Years of Gay Switchboard Ireland

Support for the LGBT community.

Gay Switchboard Ireland turns 40 this year. Tony Cooney talks about how it has diversified to meet the needs of users, and mental health in the LGBT community.

“I think we can be as vicious as the rest of society. The LGBT community needs to have a good look at itself, to not forget what we have had to put up with.”

Atomos VII • A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Released April 28, 2014
The cinematic approach of A Winged Victory For The Sullen incorporates ambient, electronic and classical elements in this music for dance performance.

“A Winged Victory For The Sullen embody a willingness to diversify their writing style in giving themselves the challenge of writing music for dance performance. Similar to their debut album, the duo have created songs unbound by time, genre or even identity.”

Getting Go: An Interview with Cory Krueckeberg

Reality Go-Go.

Cory Krueckeberg talks about Getting Go: The Go Doc Project and the ways in which we look not for the real but the ideal in a culture dominated by social media.

“It’s crucial to maintain your own identity so when I say I want to bridge the gap between queer and mainstream cinema I want to gay stories with a gay point of view but make them something the mass audience will want to see and not just a gay audience.”

International • Lust For Youth

Released June 10, 2014
Lust For Youth’s third album, International, seizes the opportunity to open up the act’s world and future potential. Stealthy in texture, sleek in sound.

“Lust For Youth’s blend of dance pop, new wave and rock recalls the work of Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode or Alphaville, and resonate with some of these acts’ unashamedly pop moments. “