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Lucius • Gig

April 19, 2014
Lucius storm Eire’s capital on Record Store Day and prove that the Brooklyn quintet can hold their own in the city that lives and breathes live music.

“There’s something revitalizing about witnessing a band completely unconcerned with genres or music labeling. Their sole mission is to create great songs in whatever way or shape they see fit.”

Computer Love: An Interview with Milosh

The Body Electric.

Milosh’s fourth album, Jetlag, is an exploration of intimacy. He talks about his songwriting and the journey he has taken making electronic music.

” I’m really trying to personally fight this major label mentality; this commercial ‘let’s just market a product’ approach by getting writers involved and their two cents in because they want it to be a commercial success. I find that whole thing gross.”

Tori’s Secret Treasures

On The Other Side.

A retrospective of the inimitable Tori Amos’ finest B-sides, rarities and cover versions.

“The B-sides are not merely the songs that ‘didn’t make the cut’ of the album; they are the ones that are strong enough to stand up on their own.”

Product Of Industry: Mark E Interview

Stone Breaker.

Mark E talks about his new record, Product of Industry, and why he wanted to capture the often-overlooked soul & spirit of Birmingham.

“The music itself is where I am today, it wasn’t produced to try and symbolize this theme, the repetition, grinding pushing nature of the music I make happens to depict the theme quite well, the name and ethos suited this title, or vice versa.”

Bending Binaries: Planningtorock Interview

All Love’s Legal.

Andrew Darley talks to musician Jam Rostron of Planningtorock about what it means to unlearn ideas about gender, and how music can help people do that.

“Music is the most magical language we have. Everyone can like music and you don’t need a degree to make it. It’s a people’s language.”

Trouble’s Lament • Tori Amos

Released March 28, 2014
Trouble’s Lament is fun and fresh, capturing Tori Amos’ charismatic personality, wit and unmatched ability to whisk you away with a story.

“The song tips its hat to her homeland of North Carolina, with a welcome surprise of Southern Blues – and it’s deeply ingrained, almost as if it’s calling her back.”

Exclusive: Chains of Love Stream ‘Misery Makers on Polari Magazine

Misery Makers.

A Polari Magazine exclusive, Chains of Love premiere ‘Misery Makers’.

“Following the release of the first volume, the title track of the second instalment is the perfect way to showcase the band’s sense of drama and sweetness as lead singer Nathalia Pizarro provides. “

Awake • Tycho

Released March 18, 2014
Awake is released four years after Tycho released Dive. It is both the successor and sonic extension of that album.

“His choice in direction shifts Tycho away from his previous studio-focused experimentations into an act that you can visualize, almost hear, in a live music setting.”

Plynace Wiezowce (Floating Skyscrapers)

Cert: 15 • Poland: 93 min • Matchbox Films / Alter Ego Pictures • March 24, 2014

Atmospheric and powerful. Floating Skyscrapers taps into the culture of homophobia, which demands many to suppress, numb, or even kill their own desires.

Floating Skyscrapers is very much a film about the unspoken. The script is suggestive and prefers to leave the emotional worlds of the characters to the audiences’ interpretation. The sparse dialogue and tense scenes reveal the unacceptability of his sexuality and the disorder it has made of his world.”

hunting for pearls • iamamiwhoami

Released February 26, 2014
There are very few out there who are creating music and visuals in they way iamamiwhoami do to embody a story that is dynamic, rich and thought provoking.

“‘hunting for pearls’ sparkles and it takes us on another journey. Simply magic.”