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Valencia: The Movie/s

Cert: 18 • US: 105 min • Radar Productions • June, 2013

Multiple directors, multiple actors, and Angelina Jolie make Valencia: The Movie/s a mirror to our own, hot, dirty, radical queer lives.

“It’s hard not to feel personally invested in this film. Michelle Tea’s messy, drunk memoirs became a metaphor for so many of us dirty queers, with its bad-choice adventures, stone cold girlfriends, hot bartenders, poetry and sex work. “

IDAHO(T) May 17 – Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting

IDAHOT 2013.

Eva Monkey writes a lyrical censure of the beer greased lads on a Saturday night, looking for anyone different to make them feel better about themselves.

“And here comes li’l old queerzy, just trying to get home through the sea of drunken malcontents that make up the jazzier parts of East London on a weekend.”

Our LGBT Histories: Music – Day 21

No Doubt, ‘Sunday Morning’.

To mark LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari asked its contributors to recall a song that had an impact their own stories.

“No Doubt were a hot breath of peppy, poppy, Californian ska-punk, into my very grey and deliberately unobtrusive existence. Bright, unabashedly straightforward, jumpy-up-and-downy fun with the obligatory ‘life’s tough’ lyrics and hook-laden bounciness.”