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Ultraviolence • Lana Del Rey

Released June 13, 2014
Ultraviolence is the sound of an artist being freed to fulfil her own creative desires. The sound is very different from what came before and also very much the same.

“Ultraviolence has just about secured Lana Del Rey’s status as An Artist to be Taken Seriously, irritating to many maybe but difficult to deny or avoid .”

The Feast Of The Broken Heart • Hercules & Love Affair

Released May 26, 2014
The Feast of the Broken Heart is Hercules and Love Affair’s most optimistic, euphoric and consistently engaging album to date.

“A record to dance to, from start to finish a non-stop movement and joy which is never dumb or repetitive. The Feast of the Broken Heart is a celebration of dance floor families, love and survival.”

Changing Light • Mirah

Released May 13, 2014
Changing Light continues to showcase Mirah’s supreme knack for writing songs that charm and bewitch, with glorious melodies.

“It’s unexpected, not cynical in the slightest and conveys Mirah’s constant refusal to be pigeonholed into one, tidy category. She is making music now that is put together with staggering precision and beauty.”

Ghosts of Download • Blondie

Released May 12, 2014
A complicated answer is given to the question of why Blondie keep releasing new material some 35 years plus after their debut release.

“Blondie’s tenth and possibly last studio album continues their pattern of post eighties, hit and miss, occasionally brilliantly eccentric, scattershot songs with Debbie Harry’s nonchalant and still effortless presence overseeing proceedings.”

Nikki Nack • Tune-Yards

Released May 05, 2014
Tune-Yards have teamed up with producers John Hill and Malay. But how will this affect a truly eccentric and self-sufficient band’s identity?

“One of the continued aims of Tune-Yards has been to comment on social and left-leaning political issues with lyrics that are set against predominately upbeat and dense dance rhythms and beats that imply a celebratory mood.”

Nightclubbing (Reissue) • Grace Jones

Disc 1 [rating=5]
Disc 2 [rating=3]
Released April 28, 2014
Remastered and with extra tracks, the classic album Nightclubbing sparkles, even if 5 remixes of ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ seems like overkill …

“If you don’t already own the original album then this is the version that you should hear. The remastered version is cleaner and louder than before and the longer versions of ‘Walking in The Rain’ and the re-tread of ‘Feel Up’ are essential listening.”

Food • Kelis

Released April 18, 2014
Drawing on her own rich musical heritage, Kelis continues to excite with the surprising and spirited Food.

“Seen often as an innovator, Kelis is certainly an artist that the world of R&B and Hip Hop cannot seem to contain. “

Trouble • Hospitality

Released January 27, 2014
Trouble is an uncommon album, as beautiful in its low key way as it is strange. It comes highly recommended.

“As a band, the trio have proved that they are capable of creating music that starts small and, through the use of magical trap doors and beguiling long, twisting corridors, becomes much bigger the more it is experienced.”

Baby • White Hinterland

Released April 01, 2014
White Hinterland sounds fantastic on Baby, an album full of amazing, buzzing sounds and enduring passions.

“It is because of Diesel’s incredibly felt and centrally placed vocals that this is a collection of tracks that cry out for melodies that support the strength of her performances.”

No Mythologies To Follow • MØ

Released March 07, 2014
MØ hold hers own in the field of Scandi-pop on her debut album, No Mythologies To Follow.

“Most impressive of all is MØ’s vocals, full bodied and soulful with an impressive and expressive range that her contemporaries can’t match.”