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Can’t Rely On You • Paloma Faith

Released February 23, 2014
‘Can’t Rely On You’ is Paloma Faith playing it deliciously funky in also her most explicitly pop moment to date.

” ‘Can’t Rely On You’ manages to bode well for an album which promises to see Paloma come face to face with her hi-energy inclinations, with her inner dance floor obsessions being bought to the fore. “

Dirty Gold (Deluxe Edition) • Angel Haze

Released November 05, 2013
Angel Haze started out as an exciting prospect, and so why does her first official album release sound like a step backwards?

“It’s maybe important to point out that the deluxe version of this album contains 4 of the most compelling, sonically challenging and vibrant tracks contained under the Dirty Gold banner.”

Night Time, My Time • Sky Ferreira

Released October 29, 2013
Night Time, My Time is a surprisingly taut guitar, drums and synths album. It has an impressive, genuine indie rock-pop authenticity.

“What Fererrai has done with Night Time, My Time has made a record where it isn’t necessary to rely on visual props to fully relate to and enjoy the music. In that way it seems quite old fashioned and there is little doubt whilst listening to it that she loves these songs as well as the process of making them come to life.”

Arrows • Polly Scattergood

Released October 21, 2013
On Arrows, Polly Scattergood ranges from the perverse and genuinely dark to the self-pitying and juvenile.

“The things that marked her out as being different – her own relentless self-involvement and a singing style which manages to be downtrodden and girly – are still evident but the songs let her down more often than not.”

One Breath • Anna Calvi

Released October 7, 2013
Anna Calvi’s One Breath is radiant and self-possessed. This collection of songs show Calvi as an exceptional artist in her own right.

“If you want to be genuinely thrilled and startled by music that twists and turns in unpredictable shades and volumes then Anna Calvi has made an album to treasure and completely immerse yourself into.”

Matangi • M.I.A.

Released November 1, 2013
Matangi sees M.I.A reasserting her own sound on her most joyous sounding album to date.

“Musically and rhythmically it references M.I.A.’s own culture as a London born, Sri Lankan woman and it’s this sound that is at the forefront.”

Pure Heroine • Lorde

Released October 28, 2013
This album of seductive pop songs from 16 year old writer singer song-writer Lordes is brilliant.

“Exposure to almost everything is effortlessly achieved whether you are in control of what you are experiencing or not and kids now worry about feeling too old, to quote Lorde here, at the age of 16. Her worry is our worry. Her talent is that she knows how to create brilliant, massive pop songs.”

Move In Spectrums • Au Revoir Simone

Released September 23, 2013
Au Revoir Simone, on their fourth album Move in Spectrums, remain dark, mysterious and a little self-indulgent.

“Every album has been more interesting than the last and this is their most cohesive in many ways and certainly the most assertive, a much needed attribute that the band required to move forward and to avoid the sometimes all to appropriate ‘nice’ tag.”


Released October 6, 2013
The third album by NYPC is by some distance their most accomplished, musical and exciting to date.

“The NYPC sound is one of artists finally snapping together the crucial matching and previously lost parts to form a new, perfect whole. Streamlined, efficient and pleasure seeking, it’s a beautiful and intelligent thing.”

Bangerz • Miley Cyrus

Released October 7, 2013
Bangerz is the highly enjoyable but flawed soundtrack to the rebirth of the post-Disney Miley Cyrus.

“Cyrus can really sing, passionately and with humour and drama when required (or she feels like it). She is extremely present throughout.”