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Royalty Strutting on an American College Stage: Miss and Mr. Gay ISU 2014

Miss and Mr. Gay ISU

Walter Beck goes on the road with a journal in hand to cover Miss and Mr. Gay pageant at the Indiana State University.

“That’s not to say they weren’t loud and outrageous in their own ways. Eve came strutting down that stage looking like the strange bastard offspring of the patron saint of drag, Divine.

Poet to Poet: Walter Beck In Conversation with Stephen S. Mills

He Do The Gay Man In Different Voices

Walter Beck talks Sex, Booze, and Poetry to rising young poet Stephen S. Mills.

“A lot of mainstream gay rights groups like HRC aren’t very supportive of people who don’t play by the rules. I also think the focus on marriage has ignored a lot of other important issues like job discrimination.”

The Last Tea Party

Reading the Tea Leaves.

How “Operation American Spring” Turned a Once Powerful Political Movement into the Laughing Stock of the Country.

“The Tea Party died because they made the fatal mistake of all hard-bent ideological political movements: they took their own paranoid gibberish too seriously and expected vast segments of the American public to go along with them.”

Out in the Open – IDAHO(T) 2014

IDAHOT 2014 – Coming out again.

VWalter Beck writes about having to come out again when he didn’t even realise it was necessary. Did they not notice the rainbow suspenders? .

“Neither one of them were offended or anything, they were just surprised that this six-foot tall long-haired dude in the black metal t-shirt, dirty flannel, and leather jacket was a queer, a half-cocksucker, a certified ten percenter..”

Through His Representatives God Voted “No” – IDAHO(T) 2014

Sermon only

In the Church of the Half Loaf, “listen to the sermon, and keep your faggy mouths shut” …

“It’s also an exercise in bargain basement American Christian morality; they can pat themselves on the back and say ‘look, at least we let them in the building and listen to the sermons instead of just throwing them out, see what good Christians we are.'”

Gunfight at the Rainbow Corral: Arizona’s “Right to Discriminate” Bill

Open To Everyone.

Arizona’s draconian bill to give people the right to discriminate based on their religious beliefs passed the House and Senate to national disapproval.

“The real beauty of the rally and the activism surrounding all this has been the independent nature of it. According to Mike Shipley, a prominent queer libertarian activist out there, it has been nearly completely divorced from Gay, Inc. and the big money behind it.”

God Save the Doomed: The Last Stand of the Religious Right in America

Seeking a Licence to Discriminate.

Walter Beck celebrates the striking down of a bill that would outlaw same-sex marriage, and he sees an end of days for the Religious Right.

“Various state legislatures decided they had to act. They had to do something to stop the bakers and the photographers from being the victims. So they started proposing bills to protect religious folk’s sacred right to discriminate against those they don’t like.”

Valentine’s Day • Pansy Division

Released January 1996
Pansy Division’s Valentine’s Day takes a humorous stab at love, lust, and loneliness, backed with their signature brand of poppy punk rock.

“Soaked in Pansy Division’s signature sauce of pop-flavored power chord punk rock, backed with Ginoli’s snarky humor, the title cut tells the story of what should really be called ‘Single Awareness Day’.”

Evil Empire • Rage Against The Machine

Released April, 1996
With their second album, Evil Empire, Rage Against the Machine brought their righteous anger to mainstream America.

“Rage Against the Machine were the spiritual heirs of legendary ’60s revolutionaries the MC5; they had the anger and they had the fireball musical chops to back it up.”

Tear the Stripes Down: The Sanitizing of the Movement

The Gay, Inc. Takeover of LGBT Rights.

Walter Beck stares down the marriage equality opposition, and is confronted with opposition from the conservative Gay, Inc. activists on his own team.

“Folks like me are bad for advertisers. A tall hairy gonzo weirdo decked out full guns blazing would freak out a member of the opposition; they would either puke in disgust or piss their church trousers out of pure fear.”