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Graingerboy: I Love You (But I’ve Chosen Disco)

Celebrating LGBT History Month 2014 with an exclusive Graingerboy track.

Graingerboy celebrates LGBT History Month with Polari by sharing with us an exclusive remix of ‘I Love You (But I’ve Chosen Disco)’.

Chase covers Against Me! for LGBT History Month

For Laura Jane Grace: LGBT History Month 2014.

Chase Garrett celebrates her trans hero for LGBT History Month in a cover of Black Me Out by Against Me!, recorded exclusively for Polari Magazine.


Sins Against Gay Men.

Have you been sinned against by a vicious, homophobic state? Take heart as Dame Effie proposes an election year reparation plan.

Top 10 Unsung Records of 2013

Music listened to but not written about in 2013.

There are more new albums to listen to every week than one person can listen. Here Andrew Darley selects 10 that we listened to but didn’t write about in 2013.

Polari Magazine’s News Stories of 2013

2013 News Stories.

From the pardon of Alan Turing to the death of Margaret Thatcher in the UK, to Trans* Rights and Employment Non-Discrimination in the US, this is a list of Polari Magazine’s Top News Stories from 2013.

Top 5 Gay Marriage Debate Quotes from the House of Lords

House of Lords Gay Marriage Madness!

The House of Lords is fixed in a rift in time. The talk of ‘gay marriage’ in 2013 brought out the best/worst, as Dame Effie Sprinkle IV has uncovered.

Polari Magazine’s Homophobia Top 5 of 2013

Top 5 Homophobic Moments of 2013.

From B&B Christians to that complete Tweet James Arthur, Mat Hill calls out 2013’s Top 5 Ho Ho Homophobia.

Polari Magazine’s Favourite TV of 2013

2013 Television.

From serial killers and zombies, to private school and prison, this is a list of Polari Magazine’s Favourite TV of 2013.

Polari Magazine’s Favourite Films of 2013

Films of 2013.

From Ryan Gosling in art house, Divine in drag and Gore Vidal in memoriam, here is a selection of Polari Magazine’s Favourite Films of 2013.

Polari Magazine’s Favourite Albums of 2013

Music 2013.

From lo-fi to hi-fi, piano to punk rock, this is a selection of Polari Magazine’s Favourite Music of 2013.