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Jane Badler Sings

Diana Reborn.

Jane Badler is a legend in the history of television sci-fi. Nick Smith talked to her about her iconic role in V, and the release of her debut solo album.

“Well without a doubt V was the most popular thing I did, as far as viewers go. Science fiction is a genre that people just never forget. Once they love you, they love you forever. The fans are wonderful and very loyal. Either that or I’m the first crush!”

Lives No Longer Hidden: An Interview with Carol Steele

Revealing the Gender Spectrum.

Pioneering activist Carol Steele talks about the questions that face people who are transgender, and the obstacles that trans people have yet to overcome.

“Transgender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi in much the same way that cis-gender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi – but we do have one thing in common with all cis-LGB, we have all suffered from persecution.”

Discovering Big Joy: The Spiritual Legacy of James Broughton

Find Your Weird.

James Broughton was a pioneer of experimental film as well as poetry. The wonderful documentary Big Joy celebrates the legacy of this true revolutionary.

“Like Armistead Maupin says in the film, Broughton knew how to get to the serious through the silly. I think that’s an amazing talent that only an idealist can have.”

Sport’s Hidden Lives: Ben Cicchetti

Revealing the Hidden Life.

Nick Smith talks to wrestler Ben Cicchetti, aka The VIP, about his experiences of coming out in the world of professional wrestling

“Professional wrestlers are not the most politically correct group, but the messages of support I received from my peers were incredible.”

Damon Galgut: In Conversation

Revealing the Hidden Life.

Damon Galgut talks about his novel Arctic Summer, what drew him to EM Forster, and how Forster’s hidden life brought on his writer’s block.

“I’m fascinated, in a literary sense, by that: what happens if you don’t express what you’re feeling? I’m interested in what’s not said, what’s not acted upon, and the kind of plot that might arise from inaction”

On Show: An Interview with a Webcam Model

Polari’s August Bona-nza: Girls on Cam.

Carrick McDonald talks to webcam model Jenna Thalia about the politics of performance, bossy clients, and coming to terms with her bisexuality..

“I’m pretty open to try things once though. I’m so curious about everything. I suppose that makes me a kinkster.”

Happiness On Earth: An Interview with Julián Hernández

Bodies that tell stories.

Julián Hernández’s talks about his film I Am Happiness On Earth, which utilises its character’s bodies as a way of story-telling.

“The characters in I Am Happiness On Earth communicate using their bodies; when they’re being intimate with one another, they’re incapable of lying, unlike their everyday lives, when they lie through words.”

Age of Consent: An Interview with Charles Lum

Queer Words.

Age of Consent tells the story of London sex club The Hoist. Director Charles Lum talks about how the it grew into a wide-ranging piece of queer social history.

“I have to say that if you’re gonna talk on and on about history it gets a little dry, so you have to add a little spice to that to grease the hard facts with a little liquid enjoyment!”

Naked Boys Reading

Polari’s August Bona-nza: Naked Books.

The founders of Naked Boys Reading talk about how it mixes body and mind, and how a naked reading can change the meaning of a work in unexpected ways.

“It’s always interesting to see how the nakedness, which many people think would overshadow the literature, actually takes a step back as soon as the readers start reading and the audience gets involved in the text rather than the body reading it.”

Imagining the Impossible: An Interview with Conner Habib

Porn Star Teacher.

Conner Habib went from academic to porn star. He talks about upcoming book on how people learn to understand sex, and how his two career paths crossed.

“People in power use sex to get themselves more power. People can create legislations and social rules around sex. It’s been purposely divided in a calculated way to divide it from the rest of our lives.”