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Queer Lisboa: 18 Years of Filth

Queer Lisboa Turns 18.

Michael Langan talks to João Ferreira, Queer Lisboa’s Festival Director, about the film festival Queer Lisboa on the advent of its 18th birthday.

“The John Waters retrospective has been a long time in the planning, but we really wanted it for our 18th birthday. Our slogan this year is taken from Waters: 18 years of Filth.”

Open Hearts: An Interview with Bright Light Bright Light

More Than Most

Bright Light Bright Light talks to Polari as he embarks on a tour of America’s west coast with Elton John, ahead of the release of his new single ‘An Open Heart’

“Nobody really wants to hear a tunnel vision perspective and I don’t really want to give one – love or relationships are not particularly tied to sexuality or age or gender or race or location.”

Apocalypse Now – Interview with Terry Gee


Terry Gee is the writer, star and brains behind daily science fiction YouTube show. He speaks about its inception and how he has brought the story to life.

“I wanted to show life in another few generations where sexuality was no longer an issue. We have same-sex marriage now and it is being legalised all over the West. In the next ten years it could be everywhere.”

Video Exclusive: Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot – Off The Rails directed by Makode Linde

Off The Rails Video Exclusive

Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot film a special version of ‘Off The Rails’ for Polari Magazine.

“In a riotous performance filmed exclusively for Polari the two tear up a railway- carriage in a possessed and arch demonstration of ruling divas-extraordinaire”

Going Off the Rails with Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot

Going Off The Rails

Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot talk about their collaboration ‘Off The Rails’.

“I met Billie in Berlin, having Caipirinhas. We are obviously not the kind of girls that meet with cappuccinos at some theatre!”

Breeders: Ben Ockrent Interview

Same-Sex Parenting Drama.

Ben Ockrent’s talks about his play Breeders, which explores what it means for same-sex couples to become parents.

“Are we the first generation to question the assumption that we should have kids and start families? It’s not true of everybody, but certainly this generation is questioning whether that’s right for them.”

Jane Badler Sings

Diana Reborn.

Jane Badler is a legend in the history of television sci-fi. Nick Smith talked to her about her iconic role in V, and the release of her debut solo album.

“Well without a doubt V was the most popular thing I did, as far as viewers go. Science fiction is a genre that people just never forget. Once they love you, they love you forever. The fans are wonderful and very loyal. Either that or I’m the first crush!”

Lives No Longer Hidden: An Interview with Carol Steele

Revealing the Gender Spectrum.

Pioneering activist Carol Steele talks about the questions that face people who are transgender, and the obstacles that trans people have yet to overcome.

“Transgender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi in much the same way that cis-gender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi – but we do have one thing in common with all cis-LGB, we have all suffered from persecution.”

Discovering Big Joy: The Spiritual Legacy of James Broughton

Find Your Weird.

James Broughton was a pioneer of experimental film as well as poetry. The wonderful documentary Big Joy celebrates the legacy of this true revolutionary.

“Like Armistead Maupin says in the film, Broughton knew how to get to the serious through the silly. I think that’s an amazing talent that only an idealist can have.”

Sport’s Hidden Lives: Ben English

Revealing the Hidden Life.

Nick Smith talks to wrestler Ben English, aka The VIP, about his experiences of coming out in the world of professional wrestling

“Professional wrestlers are not the most politically correct group, but the messages of support I received from my peers were incredible.”