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70 min • The Paper Birds • October 6 – November 15 (various venues), 2014

Blind is a powerful exploration of how women are represented that hinges on an innovative use of sound – and beatboxing.

“In Blind, Savage investigates her relationship with the art form and uses it to demonstrate how sound can have a profound effect, not just on those growing up and how they think about themselves, but also relationships between the sexes and between generations.”

An Interview with Shlomo

Submission and power.

Shlomo talks about working with Björk, being crowned the World Loop Station Champion, and writing a beatboxing score for The Little Mermaid.

“Beatboxing is a live art form in its nature, in that it’s more than just the music, and you have to witness it live to really get it. But it’s also prone to being seen as a gimmick or a novelty act.”