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Strong Boys • Strong Boys

Released February 22, 2013
The Strong Boys EP is 9 minutes of queercore that packs a punch. Dublin’s answer to legendary hardcore queer rockers Limp Wrist.

“Probably the hardest, fastest, meanest slab of wax to come out of the queercore scene. Packed with lighting fast punk rhythms, heavy guitars, growling vocals, and a dedication to queer liberation, this record isn’t for the weak of heart.”

ARTPOP • Lady Gaga

Released September 29, 2013
Lady Gaga’s mission to bring art into popular culture continues on ARTPOP.

“ARTPOP epitomizes the intent of Lady Gaga’s career and how she frames herself as an artist in the world. Her approach makes one wonder whether she has made a deal with devil in choosing to be a mainstream artist.”

Born This Way

Born this way video goes viral

Jessica Romani posted a video to YouTube of her father showing her brother Dylan his “born this way” tattoo. Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook posted the link and it went viral.

“This video humanises what is all too often dehumanised by bigotry. It shows a father expressing his love for his son; it shows what the ‘issues’ mean to real people.”

Featured Song – Day 19

Born This Way, Carl Bean.

The Readers Wifes ninetheenth choice of song with LGBT significance: Born This Way, Carl Bean. For 2012 LGBT History Month.

“I’m happy, I’m carefree and I’m gay… I was born this way”. If Gaga echoed these exact same sentiments recently, ageing Disco heads will remember it as a late-‘70s Lib anthem.