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Joey Arias & Kristian Hoffman: Lightning Strikes

Greased Lightning.

Colin Ginks talks to Joey Arias and Kristian Hoffman about bringing the legend of Klaus Nomi to life once more. Polari Magazine celebrates music for LGBT History 2014.

“Punk was ‘hate everything’. Klaus said, ‘No, you can be this rebellious revolutionary or outsider, by creating the most beautiful noise ever heard in the world.’ “

Alegria • Cirque de Soleil

120 min • O2 Arena • July 18-28, 2013

Alegria is Cirque de Soleil’s masterwork, a dazzling production that is both grand and intimate. A truly magical experience.

“The most enchanting thing about Alegria is its simplicity. Yes, this is massive full scale production, with a beautifully designed moving set, death defying feats and a huge cast of performers, but the most engaging elements come from the intimate moments rather than the larger set pieces.”