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The Troubled Troubadour • GG Allin

Released August 1990
GG Allin was without a doubt the most notorious punk rocker, but here he goes country for an acoustic detour.

“GG Allin may have been one of the most anti-social personalities in the history of rock n roll, but this song shows that maybe he still felt a glimmer of human emotion.”

Nothing Sacred • David Allan Coe

Released January 8, 1978
Nothing Sacred is base and extremely vulgar, but if you like the films of John Waters or the literature of William S. Burroughs, give it a try.

“Singing freely about slutty women, mountains of cocaine, and sticking a middle finger to moral crusaders everywhere, this is the perfect album to spin when you feel the squeeze of the religious right and political correctness on your nuts.”

I Am What I Am • George Jones

Released September, 1980

Honest emotion, a distinct sound, this is a classic of real country music.

“This is a dark album, full of heartbreak, copious amounts of whiskey and the best male voice in the genre, George Jones.”