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Future Souls • Uh Huh Her

Released March 25, 2014
The latest album from Uh Huh Her, Future Souls, is a concession to the dance floor as well as a continuation of their elegant, electro-pop sound.

“For a dance album it’s maybe surprising that the two best songs on Future Souls are the most introverted and intimate.”

Unapologetic • Rihanna

November 19, 2012

It’s not just about the music and so, says Little Bastard, the promise of this album is lost when her message supports physically violent domestic abuse.

“How well this album will do will depend on its marketing. Just as we want to watch car-crash TV, we want car-crash celebrity, so secretly most people in this media saturated culture probably want a Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion.”

Pacifica • The Presets

Released September 16, 2012, Modular Recordings

Little Bastard is surprised by the latest album from The Presets, which is innovative, and takes the band in new directions.

This is a dense album, and on the surface you might not GET it, but listen again, and you’ll hear the layers, you’ll hear the brilliance, and you’ll hear the message.”

Human Condition, Doleo • Wynter Gordon

Released July 10, 2012 on digital download: wyniemusic.com

Doleo, the first of four EPs that make up the album Human Condition, is a beautiful collection of mature, alternative pop songs.

“Doleo is a collection of mature, alternative pop songs, all with positive messages of growth and self respect, right from the beautiful artwork to the stunning songs underneath.”

Mr Brainwash London 2012 Launch


The Old Sorting Office, New Oxford St, London – WC1 • August 5-31, 2012

House DJ David Guetta and artist Mr Brainwash, Thiery Guetta, put on an exhibition that is defined by hype but is in the end more than hype.

“At that moment, I stopped caring about the Mr Brainwash hype machine, whether he is real or whether his art says anything, and I became truly moved by something that was in front of me.”