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Future Islands • Gig

November 2, 2014
Future Islands are a juggernaut of a band who exceed expectation with a performance that is built on the foundations of several years hard graft.

“Samuel T. Herring’s stamina and vocal backflips cuts through the plethora of indie bands who fail to grasp the concept of performance and showmanship.”

My Brightest Diamond • Gig

October 31, 2014
On All Hallow’s Eve, My Brightest Diamond took to the stage to perform a befittingly bewitching set.

“Shara Worden stood back from her own music to reflect on how people historically communicated through sound before there was language.”

Lucius • Gig

April 19, 2014
Lucius storm Eire’s capital on Record Store Day and prove that the Brooklyn quintet can hold their own in the city that lives and breathes live music.

“There’s something revitalizing about witnessing a band completely unconcerned with genres or music labeling. Their sole mission is to create great songs in whatever way or shape they see fit.”

Strong Boys • Strong Boys

Released February 22, 2013
The Strong Boys EP is 9 minutes of queercore that packs a punch. Dublin’s answer to legendary hardcore queer rockers Limp Wrist.

“Probably the hardest, fastest, meanest slab of wax to come out of the queercore scene. Packed with lighting fast punk rhythms, heavy guitars, growling vocals, and a dedication to queer liberation, this record isn’t for the weak of heart.”

Gay (Married) Couple Seek…?

Gay Marriage, can it really work?

After expressing his support for gay marriage last year, Scott De Buitléir now questions whether gay men are actually capable of the sort monogamy marriage is traditionally associated with.

I wrote last year that I hope to be lucky enough to marry an amazing man whom I’ll be madly in love with. What I forgot to add is that I hope I’ll be lucky enough to be in a monogamous marriage with another man.