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An Innocent Evening of Drinking • Declan Bennett

Released January 1996
An Innocent Evening Of Drinking is folk pop perfection and sits somewhere between Ani DiFranco and Damian Rice but with an underlying pop sensibility.

“This album is essential listening for any fans of well written pop, folk, or just music in general. It’s also the most lyrically arresting album I’ve heard in years, and deserves to be heard for that reason in general.”

The Camp and the Bitchy

The Camp and the Bitchy: Gay Men on TV

Paul Baker asks if the stereotypes of John Inman’s camp queen are over and done with, or does the stereotyping of gay men on TV continue?

Sean Tully in Coronation Street tends to have a better time, but he’s another camp (if more lovable) stereotype. As is Harry from The Only Way in Essex. I suspect Harry has never had an unkind thought, but that could be because his head is full of glitter and sparkles.