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Tookah • Emiliana Torrini

Released September 09, 2013
Tookah is an impressive return for Emiliana Torrini. It is more experimental, personal and has a timely, autumnal feel.

“The lead single, ‘Speed Of Dark’ is an epic pop crossover and is pure audio mescaline. It’s easy to become enchanted with its ’80s synth feel and the track harks back to the days of Ladytron with a smattering of Siouxsie Sioux.”

I Awake • Sarah Blasko

Released April 8, 2013
Sarah Blasko’s fourth album explores the joys and struggles involved in finding oneself, and is her best yet.

“I Awake is Sarah Blasko’s most fully-realised and compelling offering to date. The album is expansive in its approach, the music and the sentiments she devolves through it. Her writing has reached a place where it holds a mirror up to herself and her audience.”

Magic Hour • Scissor Sisters

Released May 28, 2012
The fourth album from the Scissor Sisters, says Little Bastard, is a return to form. For the most part.

“The more popular they got, or so it seemed, the more they sounded like Elton John and the more they became the ideal band for gay men and middle aged women.”